Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects over 2 million Americans.  While advances in medical therapy have improved the care of IBD patients, many still suffer from refractory disease with significant morbidity.  IBD includes two distinct ...
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Mammals and their microbiota have co-evolved for millennia through periods of fluctuating or limited food availability. Therefore, restricting dietary intake could have the potential to restore our physiological state to one compatible with our ...
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Dr. Artis completed his doctoral research training at the University of Manchester, UK focusing on regulation of immunity and inflammation in the intestine. Following receipt of a Wellcome Trust Prize Traveling Fellowship, he undertook ...
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I am a pediatric rheumatologist with long standing experience in Translational Research. My laboratory is focused on understanding the pathogenesis, finding biomarkers to guide therapeutic interventions and identifying therapeutic targets for human inflammatory and ...
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I am currently the Associate Director of Precision Immunology in the Englander Institute of Precision Medicine and Professor of Physiology, Biophysics and Radiation Oncology at Weill-Cornell Medicine. Current efforts in my laboratory are focused ...
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The mammalian gastrointestinal tract is colonized with diverse commensal microbial communities consisting of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The Iliev Laboratory studies the interaction between this commensal microbiota and the immune cells at the mucosal ...
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Dr. Formenti received her medical degree in Italy from the University of Milan. She is board certified in medical oncology, radiology and radiation oncology. A recognized leader in radiation oncology and breast cancer research, ...
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We are testing a nanomedical approach, based on gold-nanoparticles, for HIV eradication in vitro, in human PBMCs, and in a pre-clinical model in vivo.


Our laboratory studies “tissue homeostasis” the deliberate and balanced equilibrium that the immune system must achieve in order to both enforce self-tolerance to our own tissues, while at the same time remaining poised to ...
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de Mulder Rougvie

My main interest is understanding the link between human endogenous retroviruses expression in the context of HIV-1 infection.