Avery August with his research teamPaula Cohen in the lab with students.Gerlinde Van de Walle in the labAlexandre Lussier and Ian Caldas working together.Maureen Hanson with Alexandra Mandarano at the Agilent Seahorse Flux AnalyzerAnkur Sing with members of his research team.Manisha Munasinghe and Ian Caldas working in the lab

The Cornell Center for Immunology is a virtual center that crosses schools on the Ithaca campus and serves as a bridge to immunological research in New York City. Members are interested in the fundamental biology of immune system cells, how immune cells can be used to probe broader biologic questions, and how immune cells may be utilized to modulated for novel therapeutic purposes. The Center provides an intellectual home for members as synergistic research programs are imagined and initiates programs and activities to meet the developing needs of our membership.