Niroshana Anandasabapathy

Associate Professor

Weill Cornell Medical - New York City

Interests: Cancer, Immunity, Immunotherapy, T Cells, Tumor Immunology, Tumor-Associated Immune Response


Our laboratory studies “tissue homeostasis” the deliberate and balanced equilibrium that the immune system must achieve in order to both enforce self-tolerance to our own tissues, while at the same time remaining poised to confer rapid protective immunity. This is particularly relevant at tissue barrier sites such as the skin, where the high degree of cellular turnover, sterile injury, and continuous UV exposure drive the need to enforce homeostasis. A better understanding of the mechanisms which generate, maintain, regulate, and restore tissue homeostasis would provide a strong foundational scaffold on which to advance translational investigation for the many skin diseases. These includes inflammatory conditions marked by dysregulated immune homeostasis and tumor immune surveillance where the immune system fails to eradicate cancers of the skin, which out weigh all other cancers combined. Our laboratory works in DC and T cell biology and systems immunology and is multidisciplinary crossing: tissue immunity (skin), tumor immunity (melanoma), vaccine science (DC targeted vaccines, adjuvants), and we some host pathogens (vaccinia virus: DC/T).