Nicholas Collins

Assistant Professor of Immunology in Medicine

Weill Cornell Medical - New York City



Mammals and their microbiota have co-evolved for millennia through periods of fluctuating or limited food availability. Therefore, restricting dietary intake could have the potential to restore our physiological state to one compatible with our evolutionary history. Consistent with this, mild or transient dietary restriction (DR) improves many aspects of health and aging. Emerging evidence from us and others has demonstrated that DR also optimizes the development and quality of immune responses. A major goal of the Collins laboratory is to understand how DR can align host physiology and the gut microbiota to optimize immunity. Our ultimate vision is to harness the mechanisms in the design of novel vaccination strategies and cancer immunotherapies. Further, we aim to generate mechanistic information on how nutrition regulates immunity to achieve “personalized nutrition”. In this context, we will be able to accurately and rationally predict the diet or nutritional intervention that promotes optimal immunity in each individual.