Request for Application, Core Facilities Seed Funds

This request closed on February 15, 2020.

If you are arranging an award account please visit the CCFI Seed Funds Account Confirmation Form here.


The Cornell Center for Immunology invites applications for seed funding to pursue immunology-related research projects that utilize modern high-throughput and genome-scale technologies with an emphasis on single cell approaches. Seed funds are intended to allow investigators to explore the use of new or high-throughput technologies to facilitate the generation of preliminary data to enhance future grant applications; through use of services provided by Core Facilities at Cornell Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medicine. All faculty members of the Cornell Center for Immunology are encouraged to apply.

Award: $5,000-$15,000


  • Application period now closed
  • Awardees notification: early March 2020
  • Funding period: 12 months

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria


Apply using the following link: Immunology Seed Fund Application


1.)Cover page including:

– Project Title

– Investigator name(s) and department(s)

– Total requested budget

– Plans for external funding

– A brief description of how the proposed research is related to, and will advance your research program.

2.) Proposed Research (2-page limit including figures, and excluding references):

– Specific Aims

– Introduction

– Research Plan

3.) NIH format Biosketch for all investigators, including current and pending support

– Please include any Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC)-sponsored support, or other relevant internal support

4.) Detailed budget and justification (1 page)

– The majority of requested funds must be allocated to services provided by Core Facilities at Cornell Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medicine.

– Budgets may include the cost of materials (e.g. antibodies, kits, reagents)

5.) Supplemental materials; optional but may include:

– letters of support from collaborators and Core Facilities

– relevant manuscripts

– unfunded grant proposals with reviewer comments relevant to the seed grant application

Conditions and Restrictions
These awards support the use of Cornell and Weill Cornell core services and the purchase of supplies and reagents that are essential for executing the research plan. Salary and personnel costs are not covered by the award. Applicants who are current recipients of, or who become recipients of BRC-sponsored seed funds to utilize core services for overlapping research projects before or during the grant review period will not be considered for funding. Any award that is not consumed within 12 months must be returned to the award pool.


A post-award report will be provided 12 months after the award. The report should be a maximum of two pages and include:

  • Grant proposals submitted/resubmitted/awarded that included data produced using the award funds.
  • Discussion regarding how the technology has moved your research forward.
  • Feedback on the administration and effectiveness of this program, generally.