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see the PDF of the Program here

DAY 1 – Monday, June 3, 2024

Bus Loading & Departure from Weill Cornell Campus to Cornell Ithaca Campus ( for Weill Cornell Medicine participants only)

7-11am: Bus departure from Weill Cornell (arrival at Ithaca, NY host campus about 11am)

1pm       Welcome and Introductions (Symposium Co-Chairs Dr. Melody Zeng and Dr. Mandy McGeachy, Center for Immunology director Dr. Deborah Fowell)

Session 1 – Genomic profiling of immune cells in infection and inflammation

Moderators: Joseph Sun (NYC), Deb Fowell (Ithaca)

1:05-1:30pm   Andrew Grimson (Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “The innate program of CD8+ T cells”

1:30-1:55pm    Colleen Lau (Assistant Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “Epigenetic control of innate and adaptive immune memory”

1:55-2:20pm    Simone Caielli (Assistant Professor, NYC)

Title: “An unconventional mechanism of IL-1b secretion that requires type I IFN in SLE monocytes”

2:20-2:35pm   Ayshwarya Subramanian (Assistant Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “Macrophages in chronic tissue inflammation”

2:35-2:50pm Trainee talk – Endi Santosa, Sun lab (NYC)

Title: “Three-dimensional Chromatin Dynamics during Immune Memory Acquisition”

2:50-3pm   Coffee break


Session 2 – Immune Influencers

Moderators: Ashley Nelson (NYC), Cindy Leifer (Ithaca)

3:00-3:25pm     Greg Sonnenberg (Professor, NYC)

Title:  “Innate immune determinants of intestinal physiology, tolerance, and inflammation”

3:25-3:50pm     Nick Collins (Assistant Professor, NYC)

Title: “Nutritional optimization of anti-tumor immunity”

3:50-4:05pm     Trainee talk – Geoffrey Markowitz, Vital lab (NYC)

Title: “Metabolic manipulation reveals heterogeneity in development of TCF1+ progenitor populations”

4:05-4:20pm     Trainee talk – Alexander Brady, McGeachy lab (Ithaca)

Title: “Examining the outcomes of enhanced CD28 signaling in vivo using ‘humanized’ mice”

4:20-4:35pm    Trainee talk – Zachery Hilt, Rudd lab (Ithaca)

Title: “Recent thymic emigrants are preferentially recruited into the memory pool during persistent infection”


Coffee break 4:35-5pm


5-6pm Keynote (sponsored by the Jill Roberts Institute for Research in IBD):

Donna Farber, Ph.D., Columbia University

Title: “Tissue-specific regulation of human immune responses”

Moderator: Melody Zeng

6:00-7:30pm ~ dinner & drinks (lower-level atrium) & Poster Session 1 – odd numbered abstracts (also #2 & #4) on display

7:30-9:00pm ~ Social Activities

DAY 2 – Tuesday, June 4, 2024

7:30am                Breakfast


Session 3 – B cell regulation and function in infection and inflammatory disease

Moderators: Ria Goswami (NYC), Gary Koretzky (Ithaca)


8:30-8:55am Andrew Flyak (Assistant Professor, Ithaca)

Tital: “Gene-Encoded Antibody Neutralization of Hepatitis C Virus”

8:55-9:20am Sarah Caddy (Assistant Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “New appreciation for non-neutralizing antibodies”

9:20-9:45am Patrick Wilson (Professor, NYC)

Title: “Exploiting immune imprinting to improve influenza vaccines”

9:45-10:10am Emilie Grasset (Assistant Professor, NYC)

Title: “Exploring the role of IgA and mesenteric adipose tissue in anti-microbial immunity”

10:10-10:25am Trainee talk – Weiyao Wang, Delisa lab (Ithaca)

Title: “Glycosylated outer membrane vesicles as a tool for glycan-specific antibody discovery”


Coffee Break 10:25-10:45am 


10:45-11:30am           Trainee 3-minute elevator pitches (app for prizes)

Moderators: Mandy McGeachy and Melody Zeng

1. Christian Binuya – Permar Lab, NYC

2. Camille Holmes – Wagner Lab, Ithaca

3. Dan Hou – Lin Lab, Ithaca

4. Mingeum Jeong – Collins Lab, NYC

5. Anna Maria Kolarzyk – Lee Lab, Ithaca

6. Woan-Yu Lin – Iliev Lab, NYC

7. Noemi Linden – Jones Lab, NYC

8. Luisa Menezes-Silva – Collins Lab, NYC

9. David Sprott – Demaria Lab, NYC

10. Svena Verma – Merghoub Lab – NYC

11. Nathaniel Wright – Want Lab – Ithaca

12. Tiago Zilch – Fowell Lab, Ithaca


12:00– 3:30 pm ~ Boxed lunch and free/social/outdoor time – Robert H. Treman State Park trip

3:30pm Bus arrives back at the Vet College from the Robert H. Treman State Park trip

3:30-4:00pm ~ Coffee, beverages and cookies available, lower level of the atrium


Session 4 – Host-microbe interactions and mucosal immune regulation

Moderators: CJ Guo (NYC), Glenn E. Simmons Jr. (Ithaca)

4:00-4:25pm            Pamela Chang (Associate Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “Deciphering the chemical crosstalk of host-gut microbiota interactions”

4:25 – 4:50pm         Randy Longman (Associate Professor, NYC)

Title: “Innate lymphoid cells drive tumor associated neutrophils and granulopoiesis in colitis-associated cancer”

4:50-5:15pm            Elizabeth Johnson (Associate Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “Dietary lipids as modulators of gut microbiome function”

5:15-5:40pm            Iwijn De Vlaminck (Associate Professor, Ithaca)

Title: “Spatial mapping of host-microbe and host-microbiome interaction”

5:40-5:55 pm           Trainee talk – Chongbo Yang, Blander lab (NYC)

Title: “The immune consequences of RIPK3-driven inflammatory cell death in the intestinal epithelium”


6:00-7:30pm ~ Light dinner & drinks lower level of the atrium & Poster Session 2 – even numbered abstracts on display

7:30-9:00pm ~ Social activities organized by trainee committee

Day 3 – Wednesday, June 5, 2024

7:30am                Breakfast

Session 5: Immune regulation and immunotherapies in cancer

Moderators: Irina Matei (NYC), Anushka Dongre (Ithaca)

8:30-9:05am   Plenary tallk: Taha Merghoub (Professor, NYC)

– Deputy Director of the Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medicine

Title: “Developing means to overcome resistance to immune based therapies”

9:05-9:30am   Juan Cubilos-Ruiz (Associate Professor, NYC)

Title: “Cytoskeletal control of intratumoral T cell metabolism and fate”

9:30-9:55am   Roberta Zappasodi (Assistant Professor, NYC)

Title: “Tumor metabolism-driven cancer (immuno)therapies”

Coffee break: 9:55-10:05 am

10:05-10:30 am   Abigail Overacre-Delgoffe (Assistant Professor, U. of Pittsburgh)

Title: “Diet and microbiota control of the tumor microenvironment”

10:30-10:45 am Trainee talk – Kimaya Bakhle, Dongre lab (Ithaca)

Title: “Targeting mesenchymal tumor cell-intrinsic factors sensitizes refractory tumors to immune checkpoint blockade therapy”

10:45-11:00 am Trainee talk – Inbal Wortzel, Lyden lab (NYC)

Title: “EV-DNA drives anti-tumor immunity in the pre-metastatic niche”


11:00-11:15 am      Coffee break


11:15am-12:15pm Keynote: Greg M. Delgoffe Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh

Title: “Leveraging immunometabolism to improve cancer therapy”

Moderator: Mandy McGeachy

12:15-1:15pm              Lunch


1:15-2:15pm            Past inter-campus grant supported projects.

Moderator: Praveen Sethupathy

Julia Brown, Zeng lab (NYC)

Title: “Preterm infant microbiome impairs lung immune responses to respiratory viral infection”

Kristel Mon, Blander lab (NYC)

Title: A novel T cell vaccine candidate? Leveraging antigen cross-presentation to generate pan-Coronavirus specific CD8 T cells

Alexx Shumway, Sethupathy lab (Ithaca)

Title: Decreased miR-375 Marks Severe Ulcerative Colitis and Increases Pro-inflammatory State through Up-regulation of Cell Adhesion Molecule 1

Connor Kean, Grimson lab (Ithaca)

Title: “Determining the gene-regulatory impact of microbial exposure on central immune training”


2:15-3pm               Announcement of 3-minute thesis winner, poster prize winners

Summary, Concluding Remarks (Co-Chairs)

3:00pm                   Bus departure