Professor Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh

Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

College of Engineering - Ithaca

Interests: Biomaterials, Engineering, Human Health, Immune Modulation, Immunoengineering, Metabolic Syndrome, Microbiome


Our research effort centers on creating functional “living” immune tissues as organoids or on-chip to recapitulate selective aspects of lymph nodes. the engineered tissues communicate dynamically with human and mouse immune cells and using engineered approaches we are able to manipulate cell’s behavior. Using engineering principles, we study how various components of lymphoid tissues interact with immune cells, their tumors, and how immune cells undergo decision making at the cellular, molecular, and epigenetic (chromatin) levels to protect humans from infectious threats. We use these discoveries to develop new immune therapeutics. Our particular interest is in germinal center B cells that make antibodies and T cells that communicate with B cells. We are further interested in understanding how disruption of normal immune processes results in the transformation of “protector” immune cells to immune neoplasms.

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