Irene Min

Irene Min

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology Research

Hospital for Special Surgery - New York City

Interests: Cancer, Cancer - Endocrine, Cancer - Thyroid, CAR-T, Gene Regulation, Immunoengineering, T Cells


I have been working on a new technology in immune-oncology field leveraging on my expertise in gene expression analysis and genetic engineering. Recently, I defined a correlation between ICAM-1 expression and malignant features in poorly-differentiated thyroid cancer and anaplastic thyroid cancer, and subsequently reported the promising preclinical development and efficacy of a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy that recognizes ICAM-1, which is highly expressed in advanced thyroid cancers. With collaboration with Endocrine Surgeons in our Division, I have established many endocrine tumor patient-derived tumor cells, xenografts, and autologous immune cells for translational research. Currently, we are developing technology and protocol to increase therapeutic efficacy of adoptive T cell therapy in endocrine cancers.