David Lyden

David Lyden

Stavros S. Niarchos Professor
Pediatrics, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Weill Cornell Medical - New York City

Interests: Asymmetric-Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, Biomarkers, Cancer, Cancer - Breast, Cancer - Melanoma, Cancer - Pancreatic, Cancer Metastasis, Exosomes/Exomeres, Pre-Metastatic Niche, Vascular


My laboratory has focused much of its recent activity on understanding the role of tumor-secreted exosomes in cancer metastasis (Nature Medicine, 2012; Nature Cell Biology, 2015; Nature, 2015; Cancer Cell, 2016). My lab’s current studies are focused on the molecular pathways activated by tumor exosome uptake at the metastatic site and identifying potential therapeutic targets to thwart metastasis. My team has made significant contributions to the identification of the role of exosomes in melanoma, pancreatic and breast cancer metastasis.