Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are a community where everyone is welcome regardless of background, culture, ethnicity, expertise, gender, perspective, race, religion and/or sexual orientation. The Cornell Center for Immunology is working toward a positive and more equatable future by:

    • Listening, educating ourselves, and acting to support our colleagues of color. We commit to anti-racist principles within our labs, as articulated by the examples of Zamudio and colleagues, and Chaudhary and Berhe, among others.
    • Committing to expose the Cornell community to diverse speakers by developing and supporting a seminar series that celebrate BIPOC and female immunologists.
    • Dedicating a portion of the Center’s annual budget to cultivate a career and professional development series that supports early career BIPOC. As part of this effort:
      • The Center will provide access grants in order to improve access to academic and technique courses offered by the American Association of Immunologists and others. This program is a small step toward supporting the career advancement of trainees underrepresented in science who are pursuing a career in immunology.
      • The Center will engage with and provide financial support toward programs across Cornell including Cornell Program for Achieving Career Excellence (PACE), and Cornell University Initiative to Maximize Student Development that share our aim.